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Are you willing to share your industry experience and hard-won wisdom with a woman on the way up? You can make a major contribution by becoming a mentor through WoWE’s popular mentoring program.

Having a mentor is an important success factor for career advancement and growth. In our ever-changing industry, it can be vital. The WoWE Mentoring Program fosters mentoring relationships by matching wind energy aspirants and newcomers with more established individuals.

Launched in 2008, the WoWE mentoring program is the first program geared specifically for women working in or entering the wind energy field.  What’s required from a mentor, more than years of experience or an executive title, is true willingness to spend time sharing your confidence, wisdom and observations.  Because the program is Web-based, mentor and mentee can get together regardless of location. And because so many of us are really busy, the program is designed to be flexible to different schedules and make maximum use of time.

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Why be a mentor?

WoWE mentors say they gain a powerful sense of professional and personal satisfaction from having helped a newcomer along, or guided a mid-level professional to reach higher goals. They enjoy the feeling of "giving back," especially if they have profited from a mentor's advice in the past. 

One participant said, "Sometimes it just takes a 15 minute conversation or a thoughtful email to have an impact on someone's life."

Who can be a mentor?

WoWE participants often ask if they can be a mentor, having just entered the wind industry within the last few years. We welcome men and women with a variety of experience levels and backgrounds to participate as mentors. We recognize that the renewable energy field is rapidly growing and changing, and even one year of experience can be tremendously valuable to mentees who are just starting out.  Also, given the expansive breadth of wind-related careers we welcome those from all sectors, including scientists, policy-makers, engineers, government employees, technicians, project managers, wind developers, non-profit employees, lobbyists and advocates, educators, and attorneys - just to name a few.  And a mentoring relationship can be a two-way street.  In this program, sometimes a skill swap allows mentors/mentees to play both roles and share expertise - for example someone that knows a lot about project finance might want to pair up with someone who knows about project siting and together they learn from each other.

How do I get started?

Start by letting us know you are interested - we'll match you with a mentoring ambassador who can help you navigate the program and find the best options for your situation.

You'll need to become a WoWE Member to take full advantage of the resources and so potential mentees can find you in the directory.

When you create your profile in the Member Center on the WoWE website, you can click a box saying “I am currently available to be a mentor”.   You can also add information about your availability, your background, and topics you would be interested in working through with a mentee - and if you are already a member you can add that information to your profile anytime.

For more information about WoWE's Mentoring program, please contact the WoWE Mentoring Program Coordinator at

Think you or someone you know might like to be a mentee?  Find out more on our Find a Mentor page.