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Applications are starting to roll in for our 2014 Rudd Mayer Fellowships.  (If you know a student or recent grad that might be interested pass along the info – Applications due Feb 28!)  This is both one of my favorite and one of the hardest parts of this job.  There are amazing women all over the country striving to make inroads in the renewable energy field – if you ever hear anyone suggest that women just aren’t that interested in this field or these jobs, send them my way!  My favorite part of the fellowship process is getting to read the stories of each of these accomplished women and their varied reasons for taking an interest in renewables.  The hard part is that we can’t bring them all. 

WoWE’s mission is to build a strong diversified workforce. Having more women in the renewable energy field – and more diversity all around – will make us a better stronger industry in the long run.  WoWE recognizes that while we will always push to diversity the industry our key role right now is to leverage the expertise across our network to communicate the story of wind and wind jobs in all of our communities, to activate and empower our members to speak up so that we can build demand for clean energy. That’s why we are working on a new project called Take Charge.  If you didn’t see the video from our end of year fundraising campaign check it out here.

It will take all of our voices and the collective voice of our communities to call for the clean energy future we want to see.  To do that we all need to step up and share our own expertise and our stories.  WoWE is here to help make that happen.

Now is also a great time to support WoWE’s efforts – are you a member? Is it time to renew?  Would your company like to be a corporate sponsor?  WoWE needs the financial support of our community to turn around the supportive programs to drive our voices and our visibility in 2014.

I would desperately love to give every applicant for the Rudd Mayer Fellowship access to the communities and the networks of WINDPOWER that could potentially kickstart their careers.  But what we can do is work to make sure they have access to valuable tools through WoWE’s other programs AND we can all work to make sure our industry thrives so that there are plenty of jobs waiting for everyone that wants one.