May 2010: WoWE Recognizes Abby Arnold and Jennifer States at Annual Luncheon

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Women of Wind Energy maintained a tradition of recognizing outstanding women in the field at the 2010 Annual Luncheon held during AWEA's WINDPOWER 2010 Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Abby Arnold, Executive Director of the American Wind Wildlife Institue (AWWI) and Vice President and Senior Mediator at Kearns & West, was named WoWE's 2010 Woman of the Year.  Abby has been working with the wind energy sector for 16 years, since the formation of the National Wind Coordinating Collaborative (NWCC) in 1994.  Abby acts as lead facilitator and strategic advisor for many projects including but not limited to the NWCC and its various subgroups and committees, the Department of Interior Wind Turbine Guidelines Federal Advisory Committee, and the American Wind Wildlife Institute. Abby is particularly interested in and successful at designing collaborative processes that bring diverse parties together, insert the best available science into decision-making processes and help parties achieve their goals.

In addition to her commendable successes as a professional, Abby maintains a strong commitment to carving out time for her family and loved ones. One of her colleagues said, "As a new mother I look up to Abby and have asked her advice on how to manage a demanding career and parenthood and remain sane while doing so! Abby’s influence in our industry and the example she has set for other career-minded women is truly immeasurable.”


Jennifer States, WoWE's 2010 Rising Star honoree, is a senior energy specialist in the Technology Planning and Deployment group at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Washington. Jennifer has worked in a variety of capacities during her career so far, including in the private sector as a wind developer and in the public sector as an active member of wind task forces at different times in two states, Nebraska Wind Energy Task Force and the Kansas Governor’s Wind and Prairie Task Force.  Jennifer has proven throughout her career in wind that she is a motivated individual and has the skills, interest and the passion to address the barriers to wind energy through private activity and public sector work.

Most recently Jennifer spent a year on assignment at the US Department of Energy Headquarters. She played a significant role in the connection between the DOE and the US Treasury Office for implementing the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act provisions for the Investment Tax Credit and Cash Grant that could be an option as the result of the Act.  The people at the US Treasury are well skilled in their work around tax policy and regulation but they were new to wind energy.  It was critical that the new Cash Grant program process and procedures be set up in a way that facilitates the industry use and yet the rules and regulation had to have adequate oversight. Steve Lindenberg was the lead liaison at the US DOE working with the US Treasury.  Steve said “Jennifer was incredibly helpful and effective in organizing the Grant program in lieu of tax credits.  She was the go to person for sorting out questions from US Treasury and DOE.” There was an intense timeline and a great deal of ground to cover to get the various agency people up to speed. Jennifer’s consistently high standards and hard work helped to make this happen.  


Congratulations Abby and Jennifer!