Scavenger Hunt List

Click here to download a copy of the 2013 Scavenger Hunt List

Task # Task Description Points
1 Photo of a WoWE member next to a small-scale/residential/distributed wind turbine 50
2 Photo of a WoWE member next to a large-scale/utility wind turbine 50
3 Photo of three new WoWE members (5 bonus points if they are in the process of signing up) 150
4 Photo of three members who have registered for WoWE Mentoring Program 150
5 Photo of member who has donated to WoWE beyond their membership 100
6 Photo of Mentor and Mentee (meeting by skype, in person, etc.) 100
7 Photo/Video of a local WoWE chapter networking event 100
8 Photo of community outreach activities (town hall, public hearing, county fair, etc.) 100
9 Photo of WoWE members at an outreach activity with school children* 100
10 Photo of a WoWE member talking to a legislator or government official 150
11 Photo with an employee at a renewable energy company (other than your own) 50
12 Photo with the CEO of any renewable energy company (10 bonus points for Thanking WoWE Sponsors) 150
13 Photo of WoWE members volunteering for or observing a KidWind Challenge* 150
14 Photo with past WoWE Rising Star, Woman of the Year, Rudd Mayer Fellow, WoWE Champion and/or WOWE Board Member 150
15 Photo of members in a turbine control room/ grid operator room (beware company privacy rules!) 150
16 Photo of members near a turbine under construction (follow all safety protocols and requirements!!) 100
17 Photo of a member climbing a turbine (follow all safety protocols and requirements!!) 150
18 Photo of college students in a renewable energy related course or program – (10 bonus points for including the teacher/professor/trainer) 100
19 Photo of members in energy-related costumes (We know it is 6 months from Halloween but we have faith in your creativity!) 150
20 Photo of members using the online WoWE Member Center 50
21 Video of team member telling renewable energy jokes (5 bonus points for capturing crowd’s response) 150
22 Renewable energy haiku (not a photo – actually submit the poem or poems in your circle discussion) 100
23 Photo of WoWE members speaking or presenting a poster at a conference 100
24 Photo of members at a WoWE event at a conference 50
25 Craft with a renewable energy theme (5 bonus points for using/wearing the object in your photo) 100
26 Painting or Drawing with a renewable energy theme 100
27 Photo/screenshot of wind turbines in pop/mainstream culture 100
28 Photo collage or video showing range of roles of women in renewable energy 200
29 Photo of wind-powered product in your community (ex. 100% wind powered statement in the window of a shop, or wind-made logo) 100
30 Photo of a WoWE member at an Earth Day Event 50
31 Photo of a WoWE member on top of a wind turbine (follow all safety protocols and requirements!!) 150
32 Photo of wind turbines from an airplane window 50
33 Photo of people using their bodies to spell a word (WoWE, Wind, Solar, etc.) 150
34 Avatar Photos uploaded in the WoWE Member Center for Team and all Members 50
35 Your own renewable energy photo idea that doesn’t fit the categories above 50