September 2010: WoWE Announces First-of-its-kind Event on Women in Leadership


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The internationally recognized Women of Wind Energy (WoWE) organization announced today that it will hold a one-day program that acknowledges the wind power industry’s potential to serve as a model to encourage women in leadership positions.  Held in conjunction with the American Wind Energy Association’s Fall Symposium on November 17 in Phoenix, Ariz., WoWE’s program will feature prominent speakers and interactive programs to encourage an environment of discussion, exploration and learning.

“We believe this is a critical time to be sure we are tapping the full talents of women and that the industry as a whole has a real opportunity to harness these skill sets to become a role model for women’s leadership,” says Kristen Graf, WoWE Executive Director.

The day’s program will be a combination of seasoned professionals offering their perspective and personal stories of struggles and success, plus presentations of the latest thinking on the leadership needs of the future and how a company can be more successful with a workforce of diversity that includes women in management positions.   Creating a truly interactive environment encouraging discussion and an exchange of ideas is expected to be hallmark to the event.

“Wind power is a newer, but fast-maturing industry that reflects what it’s like to look, act and be a sustainable business,” said Michelle Montague of Suzlon Wind Energy Corporation and WoWE board member.  “Many companies in the industry have more inclusive cultures resulting in women in management positions, yet we know there are opportunities for improvement and growth.  WoWE believes wind power is the perfect industry to explore this area of sustainable business management now, and how it can progress to honor success for women, as well as the company’s bottom line.”

Entry-level to advanced professionals, women and men are encouraged to participate. More information on the forum, including online registration, will soon be available at the WoWE website.