About our Event Partners

Consensus Building Institute (CBI) trainers are among the most experienced facilitators, dispute systems designers, and professional mediators in the world — and work with government agencies, businesses, and organizations in the United States and abroad. Drawing on extensive experience, CBI offers real-world examples of how our Mutual Gains Approach to negotiation can be applied to unique contexts – whether in the private sector, governments or civil society. This training will be customized to reflect the unique challenges you face. 

CBI carefully targets our training to learners, knowing that you will better absorb and retain content that is specific and relevant to you. We use a combination of customized lectures, small-group discussions, videos, role-playing exercises, online tools, and clinics to allow participants to practice negotiation skills and get answers to their real-life questions.

WoWE and ELP and thrilled to host this special workshop and retreat featuring the skilled trainers of the Consensus Building Institute!

Enviromental Leadership Program

The mission of the Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) is to support visionary, action-oriented, and diverse leadership for a just and sustainable future. ELP aims to catalyze change by providing emerging leaders with the support and guidance they need to launch new endeavors, achieve new successes, and rise to new leadership positions. Since 2000 we have created a dynamic network of 600 of the country’s top emerging environmental and social change leaders.