Take Charge with WoWE in 2016

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It has been an exciting week for the renewable energy sector. Last weekend in Paris, nearly 200 nations came together to sign an agreement to cut greenhouse gas emissions and to avoid the most dangerous effects of climate change. Wind power has a key role to play as we begin the journey towards meeting these goals.

Earlier this week, Congress helped American wind power lead the way by including a multi-year extension of renewable energy tax credits in the tax package to be voted on in Congress tomorrow. This would secure several years of predictable policies that encourage private investment in wind energy. 

These developments have us looking forward to 2016 and beyond and the critical role we can play as an organization to support a robust renewable energy economy.

WoWE has the opportunity to influence future energy decisions: Polling numbers show a large majority of women support the advancement of renewable energy – across the political spectrum. 

WoWE launched the Take Charge Initiative to meet this opportunity head on.

Through Take Charge, we believe we can  change our energy future by increasing the number of women who care about the impact of their energy choices, and take action to achieve a robust renewable energy future.

In 2015 we launched Take Charge and next year we plan:
  • to continue to develop tools, trainings and resources for supporters to “get out in the world” and talk about our renewable energy future, 
  • to engage communities, particularly women and girls, to help build a strong, cumulative voice demanding renewable energy,
  • and to facilitate collaborations with organizations supporting renewable energy that may not have access to the experts or information we can help provide.

We are taking a new step to leverage the expertise around our network to connect, engage, and activate women in the clean energy debate. As you consider making your final charitable contributions in 2015, we ask that you consider making a $50 dollar donation to WoWE and support our new efforts for what is sure to be an exciting 2016.