Transition to WRISE - Frequently Asked Questions

After over a decade, WoWE announced the change to Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE)


Women of Wind Energy (under its rebranded name WRISE) is transitioning its scope to advance, connect, and empower women across the various energy sectors engaged in moving our country toward a renewable energy future. While the group will continue to work with the wind industry, a new name will exemplify our move into a fuller spectrum of fields such as solar, energy efficiency, energy storage, energy management, and power marketers focused on renewables, transmission, distributed generation, and smart grid technologies.

On May 16, 2017, Women of Wind Energy announced the new name and logo (WRISE), while keeping our mission the same and continuing to be a leading organization in a confluence of renewable technologies. Working across sustainable energy fields and markets is the result of feedback from many of the over 3,000 valuable supporters, stakeholders and sponsors who encouraged us to utilize our successful foundation to support women across the broader renewable energy spectrum.


WoWE successes include:

• 3000+ Network participants
• 480+ One-on-one and Peer Group Mentoring participants
• 80+ Rudd Mayer Fellows and Wind at Our Backs Scholars
• 35 Chapters across the US and Canada
• 25 Awards given for Woman of the Year, Rising Star, and WoWE Champion
• 21 Webinars covering renewable energy and energy storage topics
• 7 Annual Leadership Forum events


Where can I find that great video that played during the launch? Can I share it?

We've had a ton of requests for this so wanted to add information here.  We've embedded the video at the top of the page with our press release:

  Please feel free to share - spread far and wide!


Why does WoWE need a new name?

We felt a need exists among the numerous renewable energy fields that can be more ideally met with broader scope at WoWE. We heard the call from many of our supporters and are recognizing the needs of our stakeholders to utilize the organization’s successful 10-year history of programming, chapters, network and sphere of influence to support women across the renewable energy spectrum. It’s undeniable that as the energy sector grows and changes, increasing integration of various technologies within companies is occurring across industries and among our supporters.


What is the new name? How was it chosen?

The new name is Women of Renewable Industries and Sustainable Energy (WRISE).

The WoWE National Board, as well as a Transition Task Force comprised of women highly active at the chapter and national programming level, and already working across a spectrum of technologies, teamed up with a well-vetted and respected marketing agency to work through all aspects of rebranding. In addition to work at the board and task force level, the agency was tasked with surveying and interviewing many individuals who’ve shown strong support for WoWE’s future. Many months were spent analyzing dozens of organizational names and just as many logos to come forward with a brand that we believe appropriately and professionally represents our new scope.


Who will be part of the rebranded organization?

Many of our current members, colleagues, and associates are becoming increasingly involved in other energy technologies like solar, energy efficiency, and energy storage either within their current company or at a new one. While we see long-time wind power colleagues working in other renewable technologies, we are also witnessing solar and energy storage friends spending time at WoWE chapter and national events. The rebranded group welcomes women and men that work directly or indirectly with technologies related to the renewable energy economy, as well as those who align with a vision for a more sustainable energy future.


What about WoWE’s mission? What role will it play within the renewable energy space?

Our mission remains the same as WRISE, but we are living more fully into the words “renewable energy economy”. We are explicitly welcoming individuals, organizations and corporations across the entire renewable energy spectrum to join in our efforts. Upon looking at other renewable industries as well as listening to our stakeholders, we see a need for championing and advancing women by providing relevant and successful programming across a broader spectrum of renewable energy fields, just as we have done for years under the WoWE umbrella.


How will this rebrand affect the chapters across the country?

Many of our chapters have already embraced members and programming in industries beyond wind power for several years with much success. We are encouraging chapter leaders to broaden the scope of local programming as well and reach out to women and men in areas like solar, energy storage and energy efficiency to join the organization. With strong interest coalescing in new cities we are also welcoming formation of new chapters, and offering a toolbox of resources to get them started.


How will this change affect WoWE members?

Everything that supporters appreciate and love about WoWE (except the name) will stay the same. However, now paid members gain access to an even larger base of tools, resources, events, and a growing network with a wider variety of expertise.


How do non-wind energy industries feel about this change?

Our ongoing conversations with organizations over the last 24 months among leaders in other industries such as solar and energy storage have been insightful, as we shared ideas and goals for advancing women across the spectrum. They are expressing great support, and are impressed by WoWE’s mission, infrastructure, programming, and the vision for broadening our scope.

You can see a clip of a few friends that contributed their voices for our launch here:

What is going to happen to WoWE programming, services and website?

WoWE has a successful foundation of programs and services that is remaining intact, and potentially expanding to meet the needs of future members, supporters and stakeholders. The Transition Taskforce is specifically working on the evolution of our programs and expects to present recommendations to the national board this summer – so expect to see announcements as programs evolve.

The website is undergoing a dramatic change which will take time to accurately and professionally reflect our new scope.
We ask for everyone’s patience as website updates post in stages over the next several months.

The new site currently links back to this domain, but eventually you'll find the new site at


On a national level, what are some of the first steps that will be taken by the rebranded organization?

WoWE has been talking with organizers at various solar and energy storage national conferences to determine the level at which we can partner in 2017 and 2018. With the positive feedback received from leaders at non-profits and for profits alike, we expect to engage and inform individuals at numerous tradeshows and expos. Highly popular WoWE national programs like the annual luncheon, Leadership Forum, peer mentoring, fellowships and annual awards are platforms that remain tremendous opportunities to further engage women and men about our shared renewable energy future.

Additionally, our Transition Task Force is taking a wholesale review of all WoWE programs and services to provide guidance on how we can more ideally meet needs of new participants going forward.