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Woman of the Year - Awarded to a woman who stands out for her leadership, inspiration, and significant contributions to the expansion and improvement of the renewable energy field. Whether she is the leader of a company or organization, or works behind-the-scenes, she is making wind energy development happen at the highest level.


2014 Woman of the Year Nomination Form

The nomination deadline for this award is February 21, 2014.  

WoWE's 2013 Woman of the Year Honoree:

2013 WoWE Woman of the Year Lucille Olszewski.  Lucille Olszewski was honored with the Woman of the Year Award.  Each year WoWE seeks out a woman who stands out for her leadership, inspiration, and significant contributions to the expansion and improvement of renewable energy completed at the highest level.  Lucille answers to each of these requirements. She first started in the wind industry in the mid-1980s as a young meteorologist with one of the largest wind manufacturers and developers in the world. Wind prospecting requires a person who not only has a good understanding of the interaction of terrain and wind, but also a person who understand those other requirements like access, transmission lines, lack of legal and environmental restrictions, and a variety of other factors, referred to as buildability. During her 30 years in the industry Lucille has developed a keen eye on all fronts having assessed over 9,000 MW of planned capacity and sited over 14,000 wind turbines. She has pioneered radio telemetry systems for meteorological data collection and was the first to use cell phone technology for data collection. Lucille is highly respected among her peers and known for her integrity.  She has been a true inspiration and role model for women considering a career in wind energy for over a quarter of a century.


The WoWE Woman of the Year Lineage includes:

  • 2013 Woman of the Year - Lucille Olszewski, Meterologist, Ensemble Wind
  • 2012 Woman of the Year - Leslie Freiman,  General Counsel, Chief Regulatory Officer, and Secretary for EDP Renewables (EDPR)
  • 2011 Woman of the Year - Beth Soholt,  Executive Director of Wind on the Wires (WOW)
  • 2010 Woman of the Year - Abby Arnold,  Executive Director of the American Wind Wildlife Institute (AWWI) and Senior Mediator at Kearns & West
  • 2009 Woman of the Year - Karen Conover, Vice President, DNV GL Group
  • 2008 Woman of the Year - Rachel Shimshak, Director, Renewable Northwest Project
  • 2007 Woman of the Year - Jan Hamrin, President, Center for Resource Solutions
  • 2006 Woman of the YearJan (Blittersdorf) Blomstrann, CEO and President, Renewable NRG Systems Inc.