December 2013: Women of Wind Energy, a Year in Review

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I always think that things will slow down a little around this time of year and yet they never do. As much as the shorter darker days make me feel like there is barely enough time to get the basics done, it is still so important to use this time as a marker, for a short pause at least, to reflect on where we have been and what we have been able to accomplish over the last year.

There was a lot of success for WoWE in 2013 - including our recent Leadership Forum just before the AWEA Fall Symposium with increased attendance, amazing speakers, and rave reviews. We were also honored in 2013 to receive the US (C3E) Award for Education and Mentorship given out by the US Department of Energy and MIT as well as the Award for Best Green Power Education Program given by the Center for Resource Solutions and EPA at the 2013 Renewable Energy Markets Conference.

We’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to watch and support the growth of our chapters. Our chapters are up to great work –hosting networking events, field trips, and brown bags on topics from transmission to Lean In. This year at the national level we initiated chapter leader calls every other month to create a regular opportunity for our chapter leaders to share experiences and ideas with each other and with us nationally so that we can build on the local ingenuity that is such an incredible part of this organization and continue flexing, adjusting, and growing along the best paths for the wider WoWE community.

We recognize that it was a challenging year for many across the wind community and that there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead of us in 2014. We want WoWE to be a community that anyone can turn to in the face of that uncertainty to find support and opportunity.

We also recognize how important it is, especially in these uncertain times, to lift the voices of women and men from across our community to urge the whole country forward toward the renewable energy future we are all excited for. The WoWE Board is particularly excited to start a new program in 2014 called Take Charge. You may have heard about it already because we are actively trying to fundraise for that program right now –

WoWE Take Charge Campaign and CrowdRise Holiday Challenge from Women of Wind Energy on Vimeo.

I am so thankful for this amazing community of peers, colleagues, visionaries, and friends. Thanks to the WoWE Board, our Consultant Lauren Glickman, and our rowdy band of amazing volunteers for all the time and energy that went into making this one of the best years yet for WoWE.